The Meow Ambassador program is a global community mobilization project aimed at nurturing a group of parents and educators who are passionate about scientific parenting. As ambassadors of the Meowsprout brand and philosophy, you are dedicated to sharing high-quality parenting knowledge and the best practices of scientific parenting within your social networks and communities, with the goal of helping more families use technology to promote the holistic development of children.

What Meow Ambassadors Do?

Through social media, lectures, and meetups, Meow Ambassadors actively promote scientific parenting to solve challenges.

Introduce Meowsprout’s AI and neuroscience solutions, boosting confidence in the platform and driving product sales.

Build supportive parenting communities online and locally to share experiences.

Bridge feedback between Meowsprout and parents, aiding product and service enhancement.

Do I Qualify?

Meows Ambassador only avaliable in mainland China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Recognizing the principles of Meowsprout

Possessing strong community resources.

Experienced in social media marketing and community events.

Full/part time Moms, Kid educators, freelance Conselors.

Benefits and Incentives

Cash Incentive

  • Monthly Commission
  • Mutual Performance Bonus
  • Annual Outstanding Entrepreneurship Bonus

Skill Training & Support

  • Mompreneur Academy Marketing Skills Training
  • AI Entrepreneurship Support
  • Mompreneur Incubation
  • Lead Generation


  • Gold Meow Ambassador
  • Global Parenting Community Study Tours
  • International Parenting IP Development

Token Incentives

  • Parenting Community Governance Proposal
  • Meowsprout Advisory Committee Member
  • Children’s Education Fund

Grow Better Together

Anita – Co-Founder of Meowsprout

“When the pandemic quieted the world, it sharpened my focus on our kids’ futures. Questioning the digital age’s safety and our traditional parenting biases, I saw a need for a shift. Recognizing each child’s unique journey and challenges, I aimed for a change, not just for my kids but for their generation. This led me to champion scientific parenting, diving deep into child development with a global network of experts. Together, we’re reshaping parenting with science, aiming to unlock every child’s full potential. That’s the heart of our mission.”

Meowsprount is an essential companion for modern parents, offering convenience, peace of mind, and a wealth of resources to support your child’s development.

  1. One-stop Pediatric Brain Development Checkup, No Waiting Required.
  2. Analysis, Developmental Impact, Family Enrichment, and Intervention Guide at No Cost.
  3. Continuous Tracking of Key Milestones in Child Growth with a Scientific Growth Plan.
  4. Family Members Synced Online, Supported by AI Expertise.
  5. Fun Games to Spark Children’s Creativity and Imagination.

Flexible Family Products

We are dedicated to the research of scientific parenting and neurodigital biomarkers. By developing advanced AI and neuroscience solutions, we empower families, education, and pediatric healthcare. We embark on a unique journey with each child to create a scientific parenting ecosystem for the future, unlocking the limitless possibilities of the next generation.

How Moms Say

Meowsprout demystified child brain development for me, making a once complex topic understandable through clear explanations and interactive visuals. It’s given me the confidence to support my child’s growth effectively and bring more fun and interactive way for my kids .

Jenny Yang

Mom living in Shenzhen in China

I had my doubts about a digital platform being able to provide the personalized parenting support I needed, but Meowsprout’s Parent GPT feature proved me wrong. Whether it’s 2 PM or 2 AM, I can get answers to my parenting questions instantly. It’s like having a parenting expert on call 24/7, which has been an absolute game-changer for us.

 Carlos G

Mom living in Coquitlam in Canada

Finding affordable resources that genuinely add value to your child’s development is rare. Meowsprout offers an incredible range of features at such a low cost, making it accessible for our family. It’s comforting to know that I can provide my child with high-quality educational content without straining our family budget.

Samira Hsu

Mom living in Taipei

How to Join

Download Meowsprout APP and try 7 day, become a family member.

Referal to 5 Moms and tell them your experience with Meowsprout.

Apply Meow Ambassador via the APP Institution

Complete the product training and sign the contract