The digital transformation in education!

In the digital era, one of the major challenges facing education, particularly for children who require special care, is ensuring equitable access to technology and adapting digital tools to meet their unique learning needs.

The Uniqueness of Meowsprout. 


Disruptive Technology

Fusing cutting-edge AI, digital biomarkers, digital twin capabilities, and virtual reality gamified assessments, we create an engaging and effective growth experience for children with neurodevelopmental anomalies.

Data-Driven Insights

Meowsprout’s advanced analytics provide real-time data and insights, enabling educators to monitor progress, identify strengths, and address challenges more effectively. Comprehensive reports and continuous tracking allow for data-based decision-making, optimizing personalized learning plans for each child.

The Virtual Classroom Solution

Welcome to a new era of inclusive education with Meowsprout! We are thrilled to collaborate with education to create a nurturing and supportive environment for children with neurodivergent.

Gamified Early Neurodevelopment Screening

Using advanced AI technology and insights from global experts, we deeply analyze various neurofunctions of children, with screenings completed in 30 minutes via mobile, resulting in data-driven reports. This aids teachers in crafting more targeted enrichment education programs.

Evidence-Based VR Assessment

Combining virtual reality technology with real-time biofeedback, we offer precise and comprehensive assessments of children’s neurodevelopmental functions. Our product assesses cognitive, motor, language, logical, social, and emotional abilities by simulating everyday scenarios, making the process both engaging and efficient..

Personalized Digital Therapy

Our cloud-based personalized digital therapy uses advanced data analysis to provide customized intervention plans. Clinically validated biofeedback allows real-time adjustments to treatment, ensuring targeted effectiveness. It’s also remotely accessible, greatly aiding teachers.

Educator Training Based on LLMs

Meowsprout’s teacher support service, based on large language models, provides powerful teaching aids for educators in curriculum design, student assessment, and personalized teaching, along with the latest educational trend insights.

Digital Twin Support

Meowsprout’s digital twin technology offers teachers personalized education plans, real-time tracking of student progress, and data-driven teaching insights. It also enhances parental satisfaction and involvement through a platform that promotes home-school communication, significantly improving teaching quality and efficiency.

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Why Parnter with Meowsprout

School to home with 4x increase in capacity

Evidence-based outcome ensures effectiveness

Cloud-based therapy maintains real-time updates.

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