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“I’m your Meowsprout Virtual Assistant, lovingly designed by a worldwide team of psychologists, psychiatrists, and educators. I’m here to lend a helping paw to wonderful moms like you.”

Introducing the Innovative Digital Therapeutics for Neurodivergent Evaluation.

Our advanced AI assessments offer in-depth insights into the child’s cognitive, emotional, and other brain functions. Understanding their strengths and growth areas allows them to make informed decisions and customize interventions to maximize their progress.

A Digital Approach for Parenting

Meowsprout enabling precise tracking of their development and personalized recommendations for each child. This technology ensures interventions are tailored to their needs, optimizing their progress and potential.

Milestone Tracking

With Meowsprount, you can effortlessly track your child’s milestones across various aspects of their life, such as academics, physical health, and social development. This helps you celebrate their achievements and identify any areas that require attention.

Progress Monitorng

Meowsprount generates visualized reports that comprehensively overview your child’s progress and development. These reports provide valuable information and guidance for making informed decisions about your child’s neurodevelopment, education, and well-being.

 Personalized Insights

 Meowsprount provides personalized insights into your child’s development, allowing you to understand their strengths, challenges, and areas for growth. This knowledge helps you tailor your parenting approach and support them effectively.

Every Kid is unique

Meowsprout is an engaging virtual realm where your child becomes part of it, and no one can be isolated.The journey to magic castle is filled with wonder and surprises, making it an ideal place for nurturing intelligence and creativity. Here, kids will spend a marvelous time full of adventure and learning.


Meowsprout is where fun meets technology. With our digital twins and virtual world experiences, kids embark on adventures they won’t forget – where every child’s unique potential shines.

Learn to heal

With interactive games, virtual reality experiences, and exciting challenges, learning becomes a thrilling journey. Children explore new worlds, enhance their creativity, and boost their cognitive skills while having a blast.


Meowsprout is where learning meets the eagerness to explore. They’re eager to comply with their own curiosity. They enthusiastically explore new worlds, enhance their creativity, and boost their capabilities.

Our Unique Approach. 

We’re at the cutting edge of neuro and brain function research, harnessing digital biomarkers that include VR gamified assessments and clinically validated personalized treatments to provide all-encompassing solutions for children’s developmental challenges.

Comprehensive Early Neurodevelopment Screening

Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, we conduct in-depth analyses of children’s cognitive, emotional, and social neurological functions. This enables parents to gain a deeper understanding of their child’s brain functionality, promptly identify and intervene in potential issues, and develop more targeted enrichment education plans.

AI Virtual Assistant

Harnessing the expertise of global specialists and a wealth of case studies, this neurodevelopment encyclopedia offers personalized cognitive and emotional support for parents, children, teachers, and doctors. This tool taps into a rich reservoir of knowledge, providing tailored guidance and insights.

Personalized Intervention

l  Meowsprout combines cutting-edge digital therapy with evidence-based medical techniques to provide “one-on-one” intervention strategies for each child. Real-time biofeedback makes these interventions more precise and cost-effective, tailoring them to the unique needs of every child.

Digitalizing Parent-Child Relationships

l  Bridging the gap between digital tools and real-life connections, Meowsprout merges data-driven insights with engaging family gaming experiences. This fusion of the real and virtual worlds fosters family participation, enhancing the bond between parents and children in the digital age.


We’re on a mission to make healthcare equitable and accessible to all. We believe in the transformative power of digital healthcare and aim to break down barriers through research and innovation. By converting neuro-pattern research into digital biomarkers, we’re bringing personalized and scalable assessments to the forefront of healthcare.


Welcome to a new era of inclusive education with Meowsprout! We are thrilled to collaborate with education to create a nurturing and supportive environment for children with neurodivergent.

Pediatric Healthcare

In the ever-evolving landscape of pediatric healthcare, caregivers face numerous challenges when diagnosing and treating neurodevelopmental disorders in children. Our AI-driven platform offers innovative solutions to these challenges, empowering caregivers to provide optimal care for every child.

The Missions

healthcare accessibility

Meowsprout is dedicated to breaking down barriers to healthcare accessibility. Our mission is to make our digital platform readily available and user-friendly, ensuring that parents, caregivers, and educators can access essential resources and support anytime, anywhere.

healthcare equity

At Meowsprout, our mission is to contribute to healthcare equity by providing comprehensive, personalized, and affordable care to children with neurodevelopmental disorders. We believe that every child, regardless of their financial circumstances, deserves access to the best possible care.

low-income families

We are on a mission to support low-income families in nurturing their child’s full potential. Meowsprout collaborates with NGOs to transform the lives of children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, creating a brighter future for generations to come.

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